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Keep yourself healthy

Following last year’s launch of Diabetes NZ’s Take Control Toolkit, this Diabetes Action Month the Toolkit is being launched as an app to support all New Zealanders to live well.

With about 60 resources to help people manage their health, from reading food labels to foot care, this valuable information resource is now available in an easy-to-access app for smartphones, at no cost.

“We urge everyone to download the Take Control Toolkit from the App Store or Google Play. It has great information, not only for people who want to manage their diabetes, but for everyone interested in a healthy lifestyle.”

“Diabetes Action Month is not only for people with diabetes. It affects all New Zealanders, because all of us either live with or know people with the disease, and everyone is at risk of type 2 diabetes,” said Mr Crew.

iOS app  – follow this link

Google App – follow this link.


In November 2016 Chief Executive Steve Crew announced the launch of a comprehensive online support and self-management toolkit, to help address the nation’s fastest-growing health crisis.

The Diabetes New Zealand Take Control Toolkit is a range of more than 60 online materials in downloadable print or video formats, that Diabetes NZ members anywhere in the country can access, offering them advice and information across three important categories – Food & Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health & Wellbeing.

A select pilot group of people with diabetes were the first to use the Take Control Toolkit, and the results have been encouraging, Crew says.

“Our core focus is on supporting people with diabetes, to help empower them to live well, and encourage them to self-manage their condition. We have seen real change in the trailblazers using the Take Control Toolkit and are confident that we can help people to help themselves, and live well with their diabetes.”

Note: Over 100,000 people in the Auckland region* have diabetes, with more than 460 people on average diagnosed each month.
*Includes three Auckland DHBs.


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1 November 2016