FitBit MoveMeant Challenge

Published: 04 Nov 2016

FitBit Challenge

2016 Results

Thank you so much to all of our contenders for your massive stepping and all of your messaging throughout the campaign.

A big thank you to Fitbit for helping to make this all possible and an even bigger thank you to you our six amazing finalists
from the 260,000 people in New Zealand with diabetes and the 1 in 4 with prediabetes.

Physical activity is a key focus and the Diabetes NZ Fitbit MoveMeant Challenge is back for the second year to deliver important messaging in this area. Our competitors each wore a Fitbit device to track their accumulative step count for November.

In 2016 the Champions Trophy was awarded to Triathlete Andrea Hewitt, who out stepped Gemma Flynn, Louisa Wall, Leana de Bruen, Andrew Barnes of Perpetual Guardian and Sam Wallace in a super competitive Champions Round.