Diabetes NZ Choice

Pita Pit launches Diabetes NZ Choice range

Food and nutrition is another critical component in helping people to live well and to celebrate Diabetes Action Month, Pita Pit is launching a Diabetes NZ Choice range of products.

“Pita Pit’s range of fresh vegetables, grilled proteins and salad options are in-keeping with our healthy plate promotion and Pita Pit can provide choices suited not only for people with diabetes but also for those wanting to make healthier food selections.” says Crew.

The ‘Diabetes NZ Choice’ symbol will be promoted throughout Pita Pit stores nationwide and will help people with diabetes and pre-diabetes to easily identify which Pita Pit products are more suited to them and even those just wanting to follow a healthy, nutritious diet.

“Pita Pit is very committed to increasing awareness for New Zealanders of the range of healthy food options available to them,” emphasised Duane Dalton, Director of Pita Pit in New Zealand.

“We are thrilled to be in a position to help educate Kiwis about Diabetes by dishing up information around the importance of making good food choices. We serve up healthy food, not health food, and our menu includes plenty of fresh vegetables, grilled proteins and salad options, and we hope the Diabetes New Zealand Choice range in-store will make it even easier for people to make a the best food choice for them.”

The Diabetes NZ Choice range of Pita Pit products has been designed as a guide to give people with diabetes a ‘choice’ across a range of products. The range has been developed in line with dietary advice for people with diabetes, in a New Zealand context. Pita Pit also has an excellent online nutrition calculator for people to use and assess the nutritional values across all of their product range combinations.

Pita Pit Nutrition Calculator

November 2016