Charley is a happy-go-lucky little girl who just wants to get on with being a kid.

After being diagnosed with T1 diabetes, life has been more about testing her blood sugar levels and making sure she isn’t going too high or too low.  While the other kids are already hanging out in the playground, little Charley needs to take her insulin before eating her lunch or going out to play.

A Type 1 diagnosis can be a steep learning curve and can, at times, feel scary, overwhelming and can lead to all sorts of questions. We want our youngest diabetics to know that they are not alone, that Jerry the bear and Diabetes New Zealand are here to help and support them every step of the way.

When her mum and dad recently applied to DNZ to have a ‘Jerry the Bear’ pack sent to Charley, we got one out in the post straightaway. These packs are available to newly-diagnosed Type 1 children (NZ residents) aged between 4-10 years.

You see Jerry the Bear also has T1 diabetes – and kids can learn more about how to manage their own condition by helping Jerry manage his. With a clever app that can be used on any digital device, T1 children can learn all about how to look after themselves while still playing sport or with their friends and enjoying life to the full.

Charley’s mum Siouxsie says it was love at first sight between Charley and Jerry.

She writes; “She takes Jerry to school with her every day and all the other children think she’s pretty cool too (Jerry is a girl at our house by the way.)
She loves showing everyone the app on my phone and is learning a lot about her diabetes too.”

She even sent us this adorable photo of Charley and Jerry in matching ponytails, ready to head off to school!

We want to be able to keep sending Jerry out to all Kiwi kids, like Charley, who need the friendly support and easy learning that Jerry can provide about their T1 diabetes. But we need your help to ensure that every newly diagnosed child can receive this pack free of charge.

Donate today to give a kid, like Charley, a reason to smile and to make sure that they get the encouragement they need at such a scary and confusing time.